Mental Health Assistant

The Mental Health certificate will prepare students for entry level positions as mental health aids, work in rehabilitation agencies, or at other mental health agencies. Mental health aids may be assigned to work under the supervision of a case social worker or trained psychologist to handle a wide range of case management responsibilities.

  1. Knowledge of the history and foundation of the human service profession
  2. Entry-level skills in the area of strategies and intervention
  3. Ability to work collaboratively in groups
  4. Application of skills and methods with different populations in need
  5. Entry-level competency in the performance of case management needs assessment, group work, interviewing process and client engagement
† ENG* 101 Composition 3
† HSE* 287 Practicum in Mental Health 3
HSE* 134 Introduction to the Mental Health System 3
HSE* 202 Introduction to Counseling / Interviewing 3
HSE* 243 Human Services Skills and Methods 3
PSY* 105 Group Dynamics (SL) 3
† PSY* 245 Abnormal Psychology 3
SOC* 235 Introduction to Social Welfare (SL) 3
SOC* 117
† PSY* 253
Minorities in the U.S. OR
Multicultural Issues in Psychology
This symbol (†) indicates a prerequisite needs to be met
SL: This course requires students to conduct 25 hours of service learning. Please consult with an academic counselor or contact the program coordinator for more details.

Josiah Ricardo
Program Coordinator
Social Services
Room 1016
(860) 906-5233