Computer Networking (Cisco Certified Networking Associate)

The Computer Networking Certificate is designed to prepare students the foundational CCNA certification and provides the student with skills needed to implement, maintain, and administer multi-layer switched and scalable internetworks. Students will learn to design and configure LANs and WANs, install network hardware and software, understand and configure network topologies, construct and install cabling solutions, monitor and analyze network performance, and perform basic troubleshooting. All of the credits are directly transferable into the Computer Networking A.S. degree program.


Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

1.    Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of information technology and information systems and their importance and impact in business and society
2.    Identify and describe basic communication technologies, devices, and components used in Local and Wide Area Networks
3.    Identify and describe various types of analog and digital communication transmission media including coax, twisted pair, fiber, and wireless media
4.    Demonstrate the use of appropriate tools to assist with administering and troubleshooting computers, media, and devices on a network
5.    Identify and describe the layers and functions of the TCP/IP stack and the OSI reference model
6.    Design, build, and manage multilayer-switched networks and scalable internetworks using routers, switches, hubs, computers, servers, transmission media, network protocols, and network security
7.    Apply comprehensive theoretical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and ethical principles to address case studies and practical applications in networking and information technology

CST* 231 Data Communication & Networking I 3
CST* 281 Data Communication & Networking II 3
CST* 282 Data Communication & Networking III 3
CST* 283 Data Communication & Networking IV 3
Opportunities to earn credits through Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs) may be available for some courses in this program. Please consult your counselor or faculty advisor for more information.

Saaid Elhadad
Saaid Elhadad
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Computer Networking
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