Computer Hardware (Support Specialist)

‘The Computer Hardware Support Specialist Certificate is designed for students preparing for the position of a Technical Support Specialist, who provides technical assistance, support, and advice to users. This certificate concentrates on development of skills in the diagnosis and solution of technical and computer related problems.


Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply a comprehensive understanding of the function of computer hardware and software in a personal computer system, both networked and standalone
  2. Preemptively solve computer hardware/software problems to provide disaster prevention and recovery of computer systems before problems occur whenever possible
  3. Apply customer service and end-user support principles, including communication skills, telephone etiquette, and courtesy when dealing with customers and individuals lacking a technical background
  4. Regarding computer troubleshooting, use diagnostic test equipment, diagnostic software, network documentation, online documentation resources, and troubleshooting strategies and techniques to resolve basic hardware problems
  5. Identify resources for resolving peripheral device problems including printers, scanners, CD ROMs, sound cards, external CD RW devices, digital imaging devices and DVDs


CSA* 105 Introduction to Software Applications 3
CSC* 101 Introduction to Computers  3
CSC* 231 Data Communications & Networking I  3
CST* 120 Introduction to Operating Systems  3
CST* 140 Introduction to Computer Hardware  3
CST* 142 Introduction to Computer Hardware Lab  3
CST* 240 Advanced Computer Hardware  3
CST* 125 Help Desk Concepts  3
 __ __ CSA*, CSC* or CST* Elective  3
 __ __ CSA*, CSC* or CST* Elective  3


Michael Ligon
Michael Ligon
Interim Program Coordinator, Computer Information Systems
Room 610
(860) 906-5178