Computer and Information Systems (Web Publishing)

This certificate provides students foundational knowledge and skills to effectively design and develop professional web sites and web applications. Students are provided a thorough understanding of web design principles, client-side and server-side programming, database design, e-commerce, Content Management Systems, and responsive web design techniques. Students will learn all phases of web development, including planning, creating, testing and deploying web sites and applications. This certificate prepares students for entry-level positions as web designers and developers. All of the credits are directly transferable into Computer and Information Systems – Web Publishing Option degree program. Throughout the certificate program, students will develop a portfolio showcasing the web sites and web applications created throughout their studies.


Upon successful completion the graduate will:

  1. Identify and perform all stages of the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) model to develop web sites and web applications
  2. Successfully code, debug and test programs in various programming languages
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of data modeling, database design and SQL
  4. Identify and respond to ethical issues surrounding the misuse of information technology
  5. Create attractive web graphics to enhance the appearance of web pages
  6. Apply effective web site design principles to design and develop web pages using HTML and CSS
  7. Apply responsive web design techniques to create web sites optimized for mobile devices
  8. Demonstrate understanding of popular Content Management Systems (CMS)
  9. Apply search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve web page rankings in popular search engines
  10. Apply the principles of user-centered design to create easy to use and intuitive web sites and applications
  11. Demonstrate an understanding of version control tools and utilize version control tools to collaborate with a team in developing web sites and applications
  12. Create and utilize client-side scripts to manipulate the DOM, animate web page elements and validate user input
  13. Create and utilize server-side scripts to create dynamic, database-driven web applications
  14. Incorporate e-commerce shopping carts and online payment processors into web sites
CSC* 150 Programming Logic 3
CST* 201 Introduction to MIS  3
CST* 150 Web Design and Development I  3
CST* 200 Scripting Language with Java Script  3
CSA* 220 Web Graphics  3
CSC* 231 Database Design I  3
CST* 258 Fundamentals of Internet Programming  4
CST* 250 Web Design and Development II  3
This symbol (†) indicates a prerequisite needs to be met


Michael Ligon
Michael Ligon
Interim Program Coordinator, Computer Information Systems
Room 610
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