Accounting (Advanced)

Designed for students who wish to concentrate solely in accounting. This may be used to further their present careers or to augment a degree already held in a different subject area. Credits earned can be used for transfer into the Associate in Science Degree Accounting Program.


Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply a comprehensive knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles that is appropriate in the recording and reporting of financial information
  2. Use analysis, synthesis, and evaluation skills to solve general accounting problems or problems in areas of accounting specialization
  3. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing in professional accounting situations
  4. Use library and computer resources both to gather and present accounting information
  5. Interact appropriately and effectively with others in accounting settings
  6. Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing accounting computer software programs
  7. Analyze and use financial reports for decision-making
  8. Understand standards of professional conduct and ethical issues related to accounting and to their areas of specialization
  9. Demonstrate proficiency in the preparation of the 1040 tax return and supporting schedules
  10. Demonstrate the application of analytical techniques in corporate finance using practical examples
  11. Understand the annual report issued by corporations and how it is used to evaluate a corporation’s financial position
† ACC* 115 Principles of Financial Accounting 4
† ACC* 117 Principles of Managerial Accounting  3
† ACC* 125 Accounting Computerized Applications I  3
† ACC* 241 Federal Taxes I  3
CSA* 105 Introduction to Software Applications  3
CSA* 135
† BFN* 201
Spreadsheet Applications OR
Managerial Finance
† MAT* __ Mathematics Elective  3
† ___ ___ Business Elective*  3
This symbol (†) indicates a prerequisite needs to be met
* Business Elective includes any: ACC, BBG, BFN, BMG, BMK, BOT, CSA course


Gerald Murphy
Program Coordinator
Room 1029
(860) 906-5170