Instructional Multimedia Design

The AMT department offers professional design and production services for multimedia projects to support the instructional goals of the Academic Division. Appropriate multimedia materials enhance the teaching & learning process, while increasing student engagement and improving instructional effectiveness. AMT staff work with faculty members to develop content into the proper media format with consideration to choosing the best delivery and distribution methods.

Our production services are available to faculty for instructional projects to be used in the classroom and online, and include:
• Instructional design of online course materials
• Design of audio-visual presentations
• Original video production
• Recording of class lectures and presentations
• Video conversion and duplication
SeeItNow online video delivery via YouTube
• Digital photography and imaging
• Design of classroom handouts, pdfs, etc.

Contact the AMT office for more information about our instructional multimedia design services, or submit the Instructional Multimedia Project Proposal form (pdf link) to the department for review.

Suggested content for deeper engagement:

Past instructional multimedia projects have included a Nursing Skills video series, science laboratory manuals, PowerPoint presentations with detailed photographic images, Center for Teaching video library, and various projects across all academic departments of the college. Instructional video programs are deliverable on DVD, in Blackboard via Kaltura, and on our SeeItNow channel on YouTube.

Anything media/technology related – projectors, flatscreens, video cameras, etc, but NOT computers (we have no computer support function). Several samples on our current webpage.

Contact Info:
(860) 906-5030 | Room 1031
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm