How You Can Make A Difference

  • Recognize that sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking are real problems experienced by many college students.
  • Recognize the warning signs of violence or the precursors to someone being taken advantage of. If you notice something or someone tells you about their experience, it’s critical to take it seriously.
  • Recognize the importance of consent and how we respect others with our actions;
  • Don’t minimize it; stalking is not just a case of “unrequited love” or “excessive affection”, encourage a friend who is worried they are being harassed to seek help.
  • Don’t brush it off; if something or someone makes you uncomfortable, say or do something.
  • Watch out for each other; if you see someone who looks like they’re in trouble, ask if they’re ok.
  • Speak up if you see something offensive or abusive. If you hear jokes about sexual assault or that degrade other people, don’t laugh. Say you don’t think it’s funny to hurt others. Encourage respect.